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Fox fur coats, young and trendy taste!

Fox fur coats and jackets are very charming and extravagant therefore every fashion addicted woman should have one in her wardrobe. Not all fox fur coats are the same. They differ from each other based on numerous factors such as color, working technique and combination with other materials. The most used type of foxes  are silver foxes, red foxes, blue foxes  and golden island foxes. These are only some examples  of natural colors of real fur coats.

Paolo Moretti creates very trendy new look fox fur coats collections that include long fox fur coats, hooded fur coats, fox fur jacket and high requested fox  fur vests. All models anticipate trends to offer always up to  date glamourous and new look fox fur coats. Stylists and tailors always work together matching international taste and combining different  materials to create a  perfect combination.

All fox fur coats are very light and warm, young with fashionable look and can easily complete a woman’s style. They can been worn in every occasion and are perfect for those who wants to create their own personal extravagant look.