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An universal outwear – Women’s puffer jacket with fur

For the cold seasons, a women’s puffer jacket with fur should definitely be at  the top of your list. Are you not yet in possession of a nice puffer jacket with fur hood or fur collar? Puffer jacket is a quilted jacket. The quilting serves as capsules that are filled with the soft and warm under feathers of ducks or geese. This method is also considered as one of the best modes of insulation in any type of outerwear.

When it comes to buying a puffer jacket, choose black or natural colors. While striking hues can be incredibly fun to wear, nothing is as sophisticated as the natural colors. The simple shades are also versatile, which means you can wear it with almost anything. A cream-colored puffer coat with fur can be a perfect choice. It is slightly more exciting than black and looks great at the same time.

All our women’s puffer jackets with fur are made from the exclusive cashmere Loro Piana fabric, which is one of the most precious material in the world. Down jacket with fur is the most prestigious from our range of the styles. You can find great variety of styles like women’s puffer coat with fur hood or fur collar made from fox or mink fur. Puffer jacket with hood is very practical style for winter, whereas padded jacket with fur collar is more about decorative and sophisticated element.