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Men’s shearling coat never goes out of fashion

mens shearling coat is a solid wardrobe essential for winter as it is easy to wear, trendy and has a timeless reputation that you can love and own for years. Aviator or bikers jackets, stylish mens shearling coat are styles that perfectly can fit in different moments during the day. Our mens shearling coat and mens sheepskin jacket are made from selected fine quality of sheepskins, carefully sheared to acquire the same feel and depth throughout.

The sheepskin can have a suede surface or a nappa surface on one side and a fur surface on the other. Usually the leather side is worn outward. The combination of the soft wool and leather makes shearling ideal for creating garments. Shearling skin make fabulous men shearling coats that are amazingly warm, but also self-regulating, so it can be used for much of the year in cold climates.

Paolo Moretti creates stylish Italian collection of mens shearling coat and sheepskin jacket using only high quality shearling skins processed in Italy by expert tailors. The colors may vary from the classical and elegant black to brown, avio and grey, but can also be trendier as ivory, green or white. Made to measure service is available for people who wish to have an unique mens sheepskin jacket following the experience of designers and Italian talented tailors.