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Mink jackets women

Mink vest for ladies

Short brown mink bomber jacket

Mink vest with cachemire

Amber fox vest

Sheared mink coat

Short dark sable jacket

Full length mink coat

Russian sable fur jacket

Grey mink

Karakul coat

Mink coat grey collarless

Long white mink coat

Beige and white chinchilla jacket

Chinchilla fur jacket

Black fox fur jacket

Long dark sable

Bomber sable jacket with hood

Sapphire mink coat with knitted trims

Mink jacket reversible wool

Mink bomber jacket with hood

Grey mink hat

Fox shawl

Elegant sable fur coat with rever collar

Elegant white chinchilla jacket with knitted trims

Elegant chinchilla scarf

Natural Russian sable jacket toupe with hood

Mink jacket womens

Short pink sable jacket

Italian fur

White mink coat

Mink vest with hood

Sable fur coat

Short chinchilla jacket with knitted cashmere trim

Fox coat

Mink fur hat

Fox fur jacket womens

Karakul lamb fur coat

Full length sable fur coat

Lynx fur jacket

White mink hat

Womens fox shawl

Short white chinchilla coat with shawl collar

White linx shawl with mink fur inserts

Short chinchilla jacket white

Lynx sports jacket

Red fox shawl

Real mink coats

Brown mink jacket with hood

Reversible brown mink bomber with hood

Long white mink coat

Long russian sable coat with hood

Long mink coat brown colour

Long brown mink coat

Short russian sable

Chinchilla vest womens

Mink jacket brown

Bargunzinsky sable coat

Brown sable fur coat

White lynx coat with shawl collar

Blue fox fur coat

Chinchilla bolero

Chinchilla vest

Long chinchilla coat

Sable coat brown

Sable fur jacket

Brown sable coat

New look long black sable coat in natural Barguzinsky

Luxury black sable coat

Russian sable jacket

Long mink fur coat with sable

Womens coat with fur

Russian sable fur coat

Womens hooded sable fur coat

Sable hat

Ladies mink vest

Brown mink fur coat

Brown mink jacket with a stylish new look

White fox fur coat

Pearl mink coat short with belt

Mink vest with cashmere

White linx jacket

White mink coat

Linx jacket

White mink stole

Long mink coat white with lynx fur inserts

Full length white mink coat

Hooded lynx coat

Grey mink coat

New look full length sable coat beige color

Womens russian fur coat

Italian mink coats

Long sable coat with phyton inserts

Long brown sable coat

Light sable

Sable fur vest

Sable vest for womens

Russian sable fur coat with shawl collar

Full lenght russian sable fur coat

Hooded russian sable fur coat

Dark sable

Sable coat

Sable jacket

Luxury long black sable fur coat

Full lenght sable coat

Sable coat

Fur hooded mink coat

Brown russian sable fur coat

Karakul lamb coat

Emerald womens jacket fox

Russian sable coat with hood

Blue persian lamb coat

Long grey persian lamb coat

Real fox fur vest

Grey mink stole

Blue fox coat

Persian lamb coat light grey

New look fur jacket in fox

Grey mink hat

New look fur jacket in chinchilla with hood

Black chinchilla fur coat

Black mink stole

Black chinchilla jacket

Chinchilla jacket

White chinchilla jacket with hood

Chinchilla fur collar

Long chinchilla coat black velvet

Chinchilla coat

Chinchilla vest

Chinchilla fur shawl

Chincilla collar

Black mink hat

Fox fur trimmed shawl

Lynx coats

Lynx fur coat

White lynx fur jacket

White lynx coat

Lynx fur coat

Real fox fur shawl

Scarf with fur trim

Short red fox vest with wide collar

Fox fur vest

Fur stole

Fur shawl for womens

Mink hat

Fur shawl

Multicolor mink scarf

Rex scarf

Scarf with fur trimming

The latest trend: Italian fur coats 

Italian fur coats are very precious and elegant therefore most of the women around the world would desire to wear one of them. Wearing an Italian fur coat you underline a fashion need, an attention to quality and to all those small details that makes a big difference between an ordinary coat or a special one.

Paolo Moretti is an Italian producer of fur coats and fur jackets and creates precious, elegant and unique real fur coats since 1949. All fur coats created by our brand are designed following the latest trend and mood of the fashion shows with particular attention to materials, shapes and colors and are enriched by very high quality tailoring experience and ability. The materials used are very selected and give to all women’s fur coat and fur jacket an exclusive touch.

It is possible to choose among soft sable fur coats, elegant mink coats, stylish chinchilla coats, luxury lynx fur coats, colorful fox fur coats, and also many fur accessories like a trendy mink hat or an refined fur shawl, all produced in real fur and all created making particular attention to details which gives to a woman’s style a new look suitable for every occasion from the great gala to the everyday life.