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The unique brightness and the softness of chinchilla coats

The brightness and the softness of chinchilla coats and chinchilla jackets makes them the finest furs ever and the object of desire of a  very high standard women. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coats producer that creates collection of refined chinchilla coats, chinchilla jackets and chinchilla vests since 1949.

All chinchilla coats are designed anticipating current trends with particular attention to materials and shapes. Paolo Moretti uses mainly  Kopenhagen chinchilla fur quality to create its precious chinchilla coats and jackets for women.  The important characteristics of chinchilla is how dark are the skins. We use the darker quality skins, extra dark to create our coats and jackets. The top are black velvet skins: the most exclusive chinchilla fur  that exists in the market.

Manufactured with very high quality, our chinchilla fur coats are tailored with attention to each single detail. The new chinchilla jacket collection combines new shapes, like a luxury long chinchilla coat , and different materials like chinchilla fur jacket with precious cashmere Loro Piana fabric . For the colors of chinchilla black fur coat are the most requested while chinchilla’s white fur coat is more festive and glamorous version of it.