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Lynx fur coats: the most precious fur coat in the world

lynx fur coat is the most exclusive and precious fur coat in the world. Wearing a lynx fur coat or fur jacket, is the utmost luxury experience. Lynx fur coat  is the most expensive furs that the fashion industry can offer. Sensual, feminine and seductive is the look you will most certainly achieve by wearing one.

To manufacture  lynx fur coat requires a special work and a great craftsmanship experience so only tailors who have been working in the company for more than 40years can use these skins. These haute couture garments can be assembled with whole skins  or they can be assembled using only its white part with  black spots, and people has to know that a white  lynx coat is very very expensive. Paolo Moretti has a great knowledge in creating luxury white fur coat from lynx, the whiter is the lynx fur the more precious it is. Lynx vests are also very requested and perfect for those who wants to wear something exclusive and trendy.

A glance to contemporary trends, international taste and high quality materials allows us to create your perfect on-of-a-kind white lynx fur coat or jacket. The type of work carried out determines its final value. As this fur is so important made to measure service is also available.