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Sable jacket: the most luxury fur

A sable jacket is one of the most precious and elegant furs and a lot of women around the world would desire to wear it. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coat producer that creates collections of refined russian sable  jackets since 1949.

In the modern world, the sable is the symbol of luxury: it contains all the beauty, softness and lightness of fine hair. Sable fur is an extremely expensive type of fur because it is difficult to find. Therefore it is a status symbol. Paolo Moretti produces many styles of sable jackets in dark sable as well as lighter colors.

Sable fur jacket is best known for its silky texture, with a soft and smooth surface that ensures high levels of comfort when adapted into any item of clothing. It is also incredibly light, which ensures a comfortable fitting, and provides a great deal of warmth, making it the perfect for outwear when the weather is cold outside, especially the sable jackets with the hood. You can find also the unique and precious models where the sable fur is combined with python leather or cashmere Loro Piana.