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Mens mink coat – perfect piece for any occasion

The most popular mens real fur coat is made of mink fur. Mens mink coat is perfect for any occasion from the business meeting to special dinner or for a night out with friends.

Paolo Moretti mens mink coat or mens mink jackets are artfully crafted with the eye-catching details and practical features that today man is looking for. Warm collars comfortable front-closure and side –front pockets make them very easy to wear, while a silk lining, relaxed cuts and perfect tailoring give to this men’s mink coat and real fur jackets an ultra-contemporary look.The colors may vary from the classical and elegant black to dark blue, grey or young and trendy bright colors. Each shade of color or type of fur is chosen to underline the elegance and the character of each customer request.

We are passionate for designing, producing and selling high quality mink fur coat mens and aim to give our customers a perfect shopping experience so that they can buy at easy and confidence.Our talented designers and tailors will help our customers to create their unique and trendy style.