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Mink jacket: an unmissable piece in women’s wardrobe

A trendy mink jacket has always been unmissable in a winter wardrobe of a woman and lately it has also become a must-have. An elegant mink  jacket can always distinguish a dynamic woman who wants to stand out for style and luxury. Paolo Moretti creates precious and elegant women fur jackets collections since 1949. All real fur jacket outfits for women are made using only carefully selected materials, developing researched shapes together with a study of the most trendy color. Several types of furs are therefore used to create the perfect fur jacket so  it is possible to choose among a lot of different aspects.

Sable jacket, mink jacket, chinchilla jacket, fox jacket, persian lamb jacket are only some examples of outfits. A mink jacket is versatile and suitable for every occasion: for  great events or for everyday life. The elegant and dynamic mink jacket is the most requested and it is possible to find a wide selection of styles and colors. The color range of a mink jacket goes from natural colors to very fancy colors such as red, green, blue, pink, honey and more.

The bright chinchilla jacket and colorful fox jacket are very popular among the youngest. Stylish people love to wear them to create their own very sophisticated style. The precious sable jacket is a cult and a must-have for many women and it will always stay as a status symbol for most people. All fur jackets can be customized and made to measure.