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Elegant black fur coat

A black real fur coat is an essential garment  that cannot miss in  an elegant and timeless  winter wardrobe. In fact a black fur coat is a classic cover up for any occasion.

Black fur coats will take you out to parties while black fur jackets are perfect for daily life. Make a statement in oversized black fur coats or work the maxi trend with a long black fur coat that instantly dress up your everyday outfit. A black fur jacket can be worn over ripped jeans or on a mini-dress . It will always be the perfect throw on and go for an effortless glamourous look . All black real fur coats are made using fur skins carefully selected by our experts and thanks to the new manufacturing techniques, these real fur coats are both very light and extremely warm.

Black fur coats can be chosen among very glamourous long black mink coats, fashionable chinchilla coats, trendy black fox coats, or persian lamb coats. The most wanted real fur coats are black mink coats or jackets, but also chinchilla coats and black fox coats are very requested by young and extravagant people who wants to express their unique and eccentric style. Black persian lamb coats are for those who wants something very elegant.

The cutting and assembling of  fur skins are taken care  by our craftsmen an tailors that have been working in the company for more that 40years and that can guarantee a high degree of customization to those who are looking for a unique black real fur coat.