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Chinchilla jacket – an object of desire

The most important characteristics of chinchilla fur coat is the soft touch and particular colour. Its brightness and softness makes it the finest fur ever and the object of desire of a very high standard women. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coats producer that creates collection of refined chinchilla coatschinchilla jackets and vests since 1949.  It’s important to understand that the quality fur coat will stay with you for many years, whereas a poor quality skin will loose its beauty in several years.

Chinchilla jacket is super soft, the softest on the market. The hair is soft, full of color and shades, shiny, and when you touch it you feel its value and the pleasure of wearing it. The color of fur is black and white, which creates beautiful contrast, but you can also find white, ivory chinchilla fur, which looks very elegant and festive. Paolo Moretti uses the darker quality skins, extra dark to create it’s precious women’s chinchilla fur coats and chinchilla jackets. We also combine chinchilla fur with cashmere Loro Piana to create trendy and stylish models.