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Men’s Fur Coat – style and status

A mens fur coat is a great addition to a man’s wardrobe. Real fur coats for men show your style and status. The most popular men’s fur coat is a mink coat, but also mens persian lamb coat are  requested a lot.

Paolo Moretti creates precious, elegant and stylish mens fur coat collections since 1949 and has adapted to the preferences of modern very demanding customers. The business of selling furs once considered a luxury item has expanded to include practical style of reversible fur jackets, sleeveless fur jackets with precious cashmere Loro Piana fabric or exclusive mens persian lamb coat with python profiles and more.

Our talented designers create mens fur coat collections anticipating current trends with particular attention to materials and shapes.

The materials used by Paolo Moretti are the most precious and give to all real fur coats elegance and style hardly reached by others. It is possible to choose between mens mink fur coat, mens mink jacket, mens hooded real fur coat, mens fur vest, astrakhan coat and also mens sheespkin jacket.

The colors of our real fur coats vary from the classical and elegant black to dark blue, grey or young and trendy bright colors. Each shade of color or type of furs is chosen to underline the elegance and the style and the character of each customer request.

Italian fur coats are enriched by very high quality tailoring experience and ability and all real fur coats are created making particular attention to details and they would distinguish every man’s style giving a new look suitable for every occasion.