Women’s fur coat and women’s coat and jacket with fur: the latest trends

Women’s fur coat, style and trends.

The history of Paolo Moretti starts in 1949 and has always been about style and high sartorial skills. The products are all 100% made in Italy.

In the years the range of products has wide spread as the attention to the fashion trends and to the latest tendences in order to satisfy even the most demanding client and to propose a wide choice of the real fur coats.

The elegance and versatility of the mink coat

Mink coats are manufactured with an elegant and sophisticated taste and they have always been an inevitable cult in a wardrobes of a classy woman. Paolo Moretti creates Italian fur coats reate precious, elegant women’s mink coats since 1949 and has its mais shop in Milan.

Fashion has changed a lot in the last years. The latest trends of a women’s mink coats are connect with sartorial skills and high fur quality in order to give a fresh design for a dynamic and young women.

The latest trends are vertical whole skin technique, light color mink jacket sand the new reversible styles.
Also hooded mink coats which still looks luxurious but can perfectly protect you from cold and wind in winter are glamorous and practical.

Paolo Moretti creates new look fur coat either in long fur coat, or in hooded fur coat,or fur jackets.

The most timeless and elegant models are  , for example made from Blackglama fur which has the top quality shine and density;also grey fur coats are always easy to mix and match in winter.

All our mink coats are light and warm but above all they are soft and luxury and they can always complete a woman’s style.

The luxury world of sable coats

Sable coats are the most precious and elegant furs and alot of women around the world would desire to wear them. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coat producer that creates collections of refined russian sable coats and sable fur jackets since 1949

If you’re considering to buy a sable coat, tradition and the attention to quality are the main elements you should look. In fact one of the most important thing is the origin of the fur.

Paolo Moretti buys only Russian sable skins to produce coats. Barguzinsky sable is the mostdense and has more silky structure than the Canadian stone marten. Another important factor is that you can choose sable fur with silver quality. Silvery is the grey hair on top of the fur.

Silvery hair creates beautiful effect and the more grey hair you have the higher will be the price of the sable coat. All sable coats are designed considering the current trends with particular attention to materials and shapes. Very glamorous are long sable coats.

The amazing softness of chinchilla fur

The most important characteristics of a chinchilla fur coat is the soft touch and the particular colour.

 Its brightness and softness makes it the finest fur ever and the object of desire of a very high standard women. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coats producer that creates collection of refined chinchilla coats, chinchilla fur jackets and vests since 1949.

It’s important to understand that a highquality fur coat will remain on your shoulder for many years, whereas a low fur quality will loose its beauty in few years.

Another important characteristics is how dark the skins are. Paolo Moretti uses the darkest skins (extra dark) to create precious women’s chinchilla fur coats and chinchilla jackets.

The top colour is called black velvet; it’s the most exclusive chinchilla fur that exists in nature.

White lynx fur: the most precious fur in the world

white lynx fur coat is the most exclusive and precious fur coat in the world.
Wearing a white lynx fur coat or jacket, is the utmost luxury experience that a women can try wearing a fur coat. 
Sensual, feminine, seductive; its look will certainly catch your eyes.

A white lynx coat requires a special elaboration skills and needsa really high specialist to produce it.
These haute couture garments can be assembled with whole skins only its white part with black spots.
Paolo Moretti has a great knowledge in creating luxury white lynx coats.

A white lynx coat or jacket is for sure a garments timeless.

Fox fur coat is fun and trend

Fox fur coats and jackets are very charming and extravagant therefore every fashion addicted woman should consider this fun fur.
A fox fur coat is a new trend as its stylish but as well gives you warmth and comfort.
You can easily match it with casual-chic style clothes and also with a more trendy look.

A highly requested model from the younger customers is the fox fur vest
It has a modern and trendy spirit and you can easily incorporate it to your wardrobe.

Astrakhan coat

Each astrakhan coat is different and very unique in its own way as it is handmade and each skin has its own character. A karakul coat can have a low bulk fur type with distinctive wavy curls or a short hair texture.
This quality is the top and is the one used from Paolo Moretti.

The astrakhan coat for the characteristics of the fur is especially good for the middle season weather, when it’s not too cold or too warm.

Paolo Moretti makes unique designmodelsand combines astrakhan fur with a precious cashmere LoroPiana.

Women’s coats, jackets and puffer jackets with fur

Coats with fur and puffer jackets with fur are the new fashion trends for a women.

Coat and jackets with fur

For its coats and jackets with fur collection Paolo Moretti chooses the most precious cashmere LoroPiana. The best textile on the market in the world.

One of the most recent women’s fashion trend is to wear a double-face cashmere coat with fur as they are so elegant, versatile and easy to wear. 

Women’s coats with fur
 are very original and can be worn with casual clothes to create a very personal and extravagant new look.

There are lot of colours in the collection, but the most requested are:

white coats with fur because of its luminous effect, black coats with fur eternal classic, a grey coats with fur chic and easy to match and, of course, brown coat with fur a real must for every wardrobe.

Coats with fur with colorful chic-patterns are also becoming a late trend!

Puffer jacket with fur

How to create trendy and exclusive look casual-chic?

A Puffer jacket in cashmere with fur is the most requested piece from our collection.
It is made from the LoroPiana textile fabric combined with mink, sable or chinchilla Paolo Moretti has a wide collection of
padded jackets with real down feather, which will keep your very warm:

puffers jackets with fur hood, long puffer jackets or short puffer jackets with fur.

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Women’s leather jacket and shearling coat

Women’s leather jacket and shearling coats are one of the most demanded products. The use of  highquality materials to produce women’s leather jacket or shearling coats makes a timeless collection always trendy and with new modern lines.

Shearling coats: so fashionable!

A Shearling coat never goes out of style. It’s very practical and warm. Various lengths and colours tones ensure shearling coats a maximum versatility.

Shearling coats are produced from Paolo Moretti only with top quality materials!

Women’s leather jacket: the quality is the start point

Women’s leather jacket is a forever classic piece which can’t be missed in  women’s wardrobe.
They’re sexy, elegant and sportive on the same time, and never obvious.

Onlynappaplongeis the material used, which gives the comfort of a second skin and the classy touch to your look.

It is possible to choose among many models as: women’s biker leather jackets, leather blazers, leather jackets with fur collarand more