Mens puffer jacket with fur hood


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Mens Puffer Jacket with fur: dynamic and stylish men

Down-filled for supreme outerwear insulation, the mens puffer jacket with fur hood  is the perfect coat for those who have rightly prioritised comfortable, cosy wardrobe additions. Also known as a down jacket – mens puffer jacket has real practical benefits. These padded wonders are capable of locking in heat in even the iciest of conditions and the fur hood gives not only the luxury detail but helps to hide from the wind and cold air.

With a lightweight mens puffer coat you get all the practical benefits without sacrificing a slim silhouette. Try a version of puffer coat in a neutral shade, like black, grey or even black. Choosing a simple colour and a lightweight style will ensure you get maximum use of your puffer jacket, as you’ll be able to pair it with most of your wardrobe across multiple seasons. Paolo Moretti has a great variety of mens padded coats with fur  all made with the best quality materials like cashmere Loro Piano, combined with the fur of mink or sheared beaver.