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Men’s fur vest – practical style for the everyday style

Mens fur vest can completely change your outfit and twist your look from a casual and boring look to a completely sophisticated one specially during colder days. A real mink fur vest can keep you warm exactly the same way as a fur coat if you choose the best qualities for the timeless piece.  You can layer them on top of anything, a blazer, a sweater and even on top of a leather jacket. Mens fur vest is definitely a statement piece, which will stand you out of the crowd.

Mens fur vest is more practical for everyday life, and you can use it as well for the daily life as  for  the evening events. For the colder days you can use mens fur vest with the hood. There’s wide color palette like blue, dark blue, grey, beige, brown and, of course, black. Paolo Moretti has a great variety of real mens fur vest styles all made with the best quality materials like cashmere Loro Piano fabric, combined with Scandinavian mink or sheared beaver.