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Elegant haute couture: mink coats

Mink coats are an elegant haute couture garments and they have always been an inevitable cult in  a wardrobes of special  women. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coats producer and creates precious, elegant women’s  mink coats since 1949.

Our mink coats have a new look , are completely Made in Italy and are tailored by qualified experts. Not all mink coats are the same. They differ based on numerous factors such as shape, material  and accessories. The quality material used  is only the top as it is bought directly from the auctions. The mink jackets are made mainly with female mink fur and can be worked whole skin or half skin (vertically or horizontally) and can reach an incredible softness.

Paolo Moretti creates new look mink coats either in  mink full length coat,that you can use for the special event  or in  hooded mink coat, which is more practical and casual-chic style or  mink jackets, shorter version which easily match to your ward robe.  As for the colors the grey fur coat  looks always so sophisticated and classic, sapphire is the most precious  of the grey mink fur.  You can also choose  brown, black or colored in trendy shades and shapes.

Our talented designers anticipate trends to offer always up to the date glamourous mink coats. All our mink coats are light and warm but above all they are soft and luxury and they can always  complete a woman’s style.