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Sable coats are exclusive and chic!

Sable coats are the most precious and elegant and a lot of  women around the world would desire to wear them. Paolo Moretti is an Italian fur coats producer that creates collections of refined  russian sable coats and sable fur jackets since 1949.

All sable coats are designed  anticipating current trends with particular attention to materials and shapes. Paolo Moretti uses mainly Barguzinsky sable skins to create his precious russian sable coats and  jackets for women.

All Russian sable fur coats designed by our brand are enriched by very high experienced tailoring  labour  and are created making particular attention to all small details. The most requested styles are  long sable coats but also in great demand are sable jackets  and hooded sable coats.

The latest collection embodies a glamorous spirit and an essence of chic charm always expertly combined with  new shapes. A brown fur coat can be a timeless option , but there are many other the natural tones of beige and  taupe, and the new trendy blue and grey, suitable for particular occasions.