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Hooded mink coat – a new must of the latest trends

A hooded mink coat is the new MUST of the latest trends and is becoming the most wanted by the youngest and by women who prefer informal style than classical models. A real fur hooded coat is in fact very versatile and it can be worn in any occasion from the daily life to a very special event. It will always distinguish a woman who wants to stand out with her style. Paolo Moretti creates precious and glamorous hooded mink coats. All hooded mink coats for women are made using only selected materials and researched shapes.

It is possible to choose among different types different shapes and different colors.  Women prefer to wear it in different colors and length. They love the softness and the warming embrace of this real fur coat. Our clients also sable fur coats as they are very unique, soft and precious. Many hooded mink jackets have a very wide fur hood that can be wrapped around the collar and make you feel warm and cool or could be reversible.