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The glamour of a long coat with fur

Long coats with fur for women are a symbol of grace and splendor, besides being a very practical item to protect yourself from the cold weather. Styling options for varying lengths of coats are different, depending upon the silhouette you want. Long coats, however, cover almost all of your body, starting anywhere from the knees to the ankles. They are also known as maxi coats.

Wearing a long coat with fur brings out the charm in you, giving a glamour statement that is unbeatable. Having a long coat with fur in your closet besides the other fall and winter jackets is surely going to provide you with the benefit of building a variety of looks.

Paolo Moretti produces coats made of cashmere Loro Piana fabric, which is the most precious cashmere in the market. You can choose the different fur trimmings like chinchilla fur, sable fur or mink fur on the collar or trimmed in full length with fur. The long coat with fur is so sophisticated, makes your silhouette longer and definitely helps you in having unconventional look.