Men’s Fur Coat and Jacket

Men's fur coat

The history of Paolo Moretti starts in 1949 and has always been about style and high sartorial skills.

The Men’s fur coat collection is a perfectly synthesis of sartorial savoire faire and modern trends.

All coats are done choosing the top quality real fur, whereas design catch the latest trends in order to satisfy even the most demanding client.

Men’s mink coat

From the dynamic manager to a classy man a men’s mink fur coat will always add style, charm and comfort to what you wear with it.

Paolo Moretti mens mink coat or mink jackets are artfully crafted with the eye-catching details and practical features that toady a contemporary man looks for. Warm collars, comfortable front-closure and warm hoods make them very easy to wear, while a silk lining, relaxed cuts and perfect tailoring give to these real fur coats an ultra-modern look.

The last tendences in men’s fur coat are reversible men’s mink jacket. In men’s collection you can find the models of fur jackets combined with precious cashmere Loro Piana fabric or padded with real down feather to keep more warmth. The result is that you can choose every day which side you want to use if the fabric one to look more fresh and sporty or the fur one to look more classy and elegant.


Very popular are also the models with hood. Men’s hooded fur coat will perfectly protect you from the cold and wind.

The men’s fur vest is also a nice alternative perfect for your everyday look. It’s very versatile as well: you can use it alone or on top of a cashmere coat.

Men’s Astrakhan coat and jacket

A men’s astrakhan coat has a very distinguished character, it shows exclusivity and elegance. A men’s astrakhan coat can have a low bulk fur type with distinctive wavy curls or a short hair texture more flat. This quality is the top and it is used from our brand. Such coat can last for decades.

Men’s astrakhan coat can be perfect in long versions as a coat to wear with an elegant suit underneath. It will be also nice in a shorter version to wear with casual outfit, like slim- fit trousers and turtle-neck sweater

Men’s coat and jacket with fur. Men’s puffer jacket with fur.

For those who want to look elegant and sophisticated but still trendy Paolo Moretti presents the collectionof men’s coat and jackets with fur.
These styles combines precious materials like Loro Piana cashmere with real fur and creates exclusive products.

Men's coat with fur

Always elegant but with a casual touch is the men’s collection of coats with fur.  
Those type of coats are easy to wear and they are very versatile for different occasions: you always stay warm, but elegant and trendy at the same time.
The coats are made from the precious cashmere LoroPiana with the combination of mink or beaver fur.

You can find a great variety of styles as men’s jacket with fur collar that often can be detachable as well.
Very popular option can be men’s bomber jacket withfur and also sporty and younger option can be men’s coat with fur hood, which are not only trendy but also will keep you very warm.

Men’s Puffer Jacket with fur

Men’s puffer jacket with fur is an iconic piece which is easy to match in any men’s waredrobe.
Down-filled for supreme outerwear insulation, the mens puffer jacketwith fur hood is the perfect coat for those who like a sporty touch.

Paolo Moretti has a great variety of mens puffer jackets with fur all made with the best quality materials like cashmere Loro Piana, combined with mink or sheared beaver.

Mens puffer jacket with fur hood has real practical benefits. These padded wonders are capable of locking in heat in even the iciest conditions and the fur hood gives not only a luxury detail but helps to hide from the wind and cold air.

Try a version of puffer jacket with fur collar, the collar in fur can be often detachable as well, and gives an opportunity to create a different style every day.

Men’s Crocodile Jacket: the leather jacket which is the most expensive in the world.

Paolo Moretti goes futher and offers for its most demanding clients: men’s crocodile jackets.

Men’s crocodile jacket the unique models offered by Atelier Paolo Moretti

A unique style which shows your impeccable taste and status. A men’s crocodile jackets is luxury, very exclusive and timeless.

Thanks to new elaboration techniques the leather is now verysoft.
The choice of colours is wide: black, dark grey, brown, blue and even whitemen’s crocodile leathers.

For such models we usually offer made to measure service, where the client can create personally his jacket with our high level professionals skills.

Men’s leather jacket and men’s shearling coat

Men’s leather jacket and men’s shearling coat are a must haves of a man’s wardrobe. Paolo Moretti offers models which are comfortable but as well stylish and trendy.

Men’s leather jacket, the most popular models for men

Impossible to imagine a men’s wardrobe without a men’s leather jacket.

A leather jacket provides a durable, long-lasting, and protective outwear option. It’s available in a number of styles and designs, each with their own benefits and purposes for ongoing wear.

An aviator leather jacket fits straight through the body and looks stylish and body flattering. Traditionally used by pilots, the aviator leather jacket is practical, warm, and durable.
A biker leather jacket is probably the most iconic leather jacket option. Usually it is shorter in length, with the bottom of the jacket extended to the top of the hips or above.

A casual-chic solution could be the leather jacket men with hood, in black color or in brown, ithas a simple use but refined taste.
The bomber leather jacket has a simple design, featuring strong and durable leather. The shape of this leather bomber jacket is loose through the body, tapered toward the waist.

Paolo Moretti uses only top quality materials for its mens leather jacket collection, like the
nappaplonge leather, therefore it can stand out on an elegant and casual fit.

Men’s shearling coat and jacket

men’s shearling coat or jacket never goes out of style.It can stay with you for decades. And it looks better every time you wear it. Every season it takes its position as a young but elegant style for winter.

With unrivalled warmth and comfort a sheepskin coat is the ultimate accompaniment to any jacket silhouette. From the classic shearling aviator jacket to shearling-trimmed leather coats, Paolo Moretti offers a lot of models perfect for every occasion.

A shearling jacket will elevate your looks spontaneously. Make sure that you pair it in a proper manner to get the best look. It can be a bit more casual when you wear a thin turtleneck underneath.

Paolo Moretti uses only top quality materials to produce the men’s sheepskin jackets, so that once you invested in one it can serve to you all the life.