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Mens fur coat today have evolved and they serve far more than keeping you warm in a cold day. They are stylish and a fashion statement , a way to express one’s way of being unique

Each mens karakul coat is unique in its own way, since it is handmade and each skin has its own character

mens persian lamb coat can have a low bulk fur type with distinctive wavy curls or short hair texture. This quality is the top and it is used from our brand

Notorious for the their durability, mens karakul coat also called persian lamb coat can last for decades

Men’s fur coats are a way of expressing one’s taste and need for looking and being unique. Paolo Moretti creates precious, elegant and stylish mens persian lamb coats since 1949. Our talented designers and highly experienced tailors mix their abilities to create very trendy and new look outwear models with particular attention to materials and details

We guarantee the best combination of style and quality and, following your requests, it will be always possible to customize your own mens karakul coat or persian lamb coat with no extra costs. We will help you to create your personal extraordinary and trendy style