Cashmere coats | Paolo Moretti Milan

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Cashmere coats | Paolo Moretti Milan

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Cashmere coats. Paolo Moretti Milan

Grey cashmire Loro Piana vest with dark russian sable. Raincoat jacket with hood with fox inside

  • Style: Nelly
  • Item: Cashmere double, russian sable
  • Color: Grey
  • Length: 86cm
  • Quality: Cashmere double Loro Piana
  • Tecnique: Handmade
  • Lining: Cashmere 
  • Closure: Suede belt
Handmade in Italy
Since 1949

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Coats with fur

One of the most recent women’s fashion trend is to wear a double-face cashmere coat with fur as they are so elegant, versatile and easy to wear. Women’s coats with fur are very original and can be worn with casual clothes to create a very personal and extravagant new look

Paolo Moretti manufactures in his collection a big variety of types of women’s cashmere coats with fur, therefore you can find coats with fur collar, coats with fur hood, combination of women’s coats with fur vests and women’s coats with fur lining

Paolo Moretti uses rich textiles for his coats, especially 100% double-face LOROPIANA cashmere in many colors and patterns in order to manufacture luxury coats. Craftsmen and tailors, who have been working in the company for more than 40years, knows how to match different materials creating contemporary trends with an international taste for a perfect coat with fur