Grey fur coat

A grey real fur coat lately is becoming more and more trendy as many young women prefers to wear lighter colors as an alternative to the classical brown. A grey fur coat or jacket is younger and easier to wear in the daily life but can both also be worn for a very special evening

Grey fur coats is becoming the new black and lately it is the most wanted by trendsetting famous and high class women that want to be together elegant, trendy and dynamic

All grey real fur coats are made using fur skins carefully selected by our experts and thanks to the new manufacturing techniques, these real fur coats are both very light and extremely warm

Glamourous grey fur coats can be chosen among elegant mink fur coats,or among trendy fox coats, or among timeless persian lamb coats. The most wanted are grey mink coats and jackets but also grey foxes are loved by younger ladies, meanwhile grey persian lamb coats are for those who wants something more classical

The cutting and assembling of the fur skins are taken care by craftsmen an tailors that have been working in the company for more that 40years and that can guarantee a high degree of customization for those who are looking for a grey real fur coat


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