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Men’s coat with fur hood – elegant and versatile garment

Men’s coat with fur hood is the most perfect and versatile piece of garment for the winter collection and it is a must in every men’s wardrobe. A perfect and versatile choice for every occasion as it can be both elegant and casual. Paolo Moretti has a great selection of men’s parka with fur hood, fur hooded long coats, mens jacket with fur hood and more. Our talented designers and highly experienced tailors blend high fashion with functional details and materials to create the perfect outfit for very demanding customers. The fur hood can be removable or not depending on the customer needs or request. It can be of different type of furs, colors and shape.

Our men’s parka with fur and men’s coat with fur hood are available in wide range of fabrics, color and cuts for all type of silhouettes. Our most demanding customers prefer warm men’s coat with fur hood made of precious cashmere Loro Piana fabric and with fur lining, but also new stylish padded fabrics combined with a fur hood are very popular. The best sellers are the exclusive men’s fur lined jackets in sable fur or mink fur. Made to measure service is available for people who wish to have an unique men’s coat with fur hood following the experience of our designers and Italian talented tailors.